True Stories Revealed Through Podcasts

Podcasts and radio have an interesting relationship with one another. When listening to a podcast, some may find similar qualities to radio. Podcasts can have conversational features, advertisements, and interviews. On the other hand, podcasts can have a narration like element to it such as the podcast Strangers. Strangers podcast is written and produced by […]

A Dark Message in Home Alone

If you are a fan of Christmas movies, you probably are familiar with the Home Alone films. In 1990, the first Home Alone film came out and people fell in love with it. It was one of the highest grossing films at the time; four more movies and are within the Home Alone franchise. “key […]

The Art of Sound: Foley Artists

Sound has the ability to sway people emotionally ranging from sadness to fear. When you are watching a film, you probably are not thinking about the art behind the creation of a specific sound. This art is the job of a Foley artist. Foley artists create every single sound in films except dialogue. Their jobs […]

High School Musical: Putting Energy into Synergy

  High School Musical (2006) captures the hearts of a wide audience. The film speaks to children and adults, music and film lovers, teen drama enthusiasts and many more audiences. This ability to capture the hearts of many, is an example of a film that takes advantage of a term called “synergy“. Jennifer Holt, the […]

Photography: Dark with a spark

Photography and light normally go hand and hand. When taking a photograph, it is important to get the appropriate exposure to make sure the viewer does not get distracted by a drastic difference in lighting. Light painting changes that. Light painting is actually just how it sounds, painting with light. Instead of the photographer snapping […]