Mateusz Urbanowicz and Being a Patreon Funded Artist

Much like podcasters and other individuals in creative industries, artists too have joined the Patreon market and use the website as a medium to distribute their art, have fans support them, and make a living or at least a profit off of their creative endeavors, and one such artist I have had a particular interest […]

“My Brother, My Brother and Me” or How the McElroy Brothers Became the Comedy King’s of Podcast

Griffin McElroy, Justin McElroy, and Travis McElroy known collectively as the McElroy brothers, started a podcast roughly eight years ago and have since spawned a comedic empire with themselves and eventually their extended family, and even turned their podcast into a television show for NBC’s now defunct Seeso streaming service. The McElroy family has other […]

The VFX Powerhouse That Is Australia & New Zealand

New Zealand and Australia are home to multiple large and medium sized VFX studios that contribute to a vast majority of Hollywood’s largest motion pictures. Not only do they contribute to cinema in terms of skill but also contribute in technological innovation.  The studio Blackmagic Design originates from Australia, as well as the compositing system […]

Giants of Entertainment Vs. Netflix

Over the past decade or so, the entire media, film, and television industry itself has once again undergone vast and rapid changes. One of the largest and relatively unforeseen disruptors of the creative industry has been the popularization and success of the online streaming service, Netflix. The company’s rise to success was so quick and […]