Molding Women into Bigger and Better Consumers?

Convergence and the Shifting of Media Identity

As convergence has become more and more present in our media world, the producers of media have to work to redefine their roles as media creators, their media industries, their audiences, and their content. Brooke Erin Duffy‘s Remake, Remodel: Women’s Magazines in the Digital Age examines women’s magazines in this context of the transformation of […]

Television as Digital Media: How Individual Viewers are Changing the TV Game

Netflix. Hulu. HBO Go. There are a plethora of digital streaming services available nowadays, not to mention a whole host of On Demand features that generally come standard with even the most basic of cable subscriptions. TV just isn’t what it used to be; closer to its inception, television had the ability to bring people […]

The Shrinking Role of Television

The television’s role in society as talked about in Bennett and Strange’s Television as Digital Media has begun to shrink in the face of more personalized experiences provided by newer media devices and services. The usage of services/recording devices has made it so that the television experience has become less about in-the-moment news or programming […]

Digital Technology: Redefining Television

For the past two months, whenever I showed up at my 9am job on Wednesday and Thursday, I looked exhausted. My colleagues just assumed it was typical senior’s stress. They all offered me coffee, cookies, and comfort. However, it was not the case. I could never bring myself to tell them the truth that it […]

Advertising, Futurama, and You

William Boddy’s essay “ ‘Is it TV Yet? The Dislocated Screens of Television in a Mobile Digital Culture” dealt extensively with the question of advertisements and advertising technology. Some of the work’s descriptions of modern advertisement technologies were downright disturbing.

Advertising, EVERYWHERE!

The movement from television to digital platforms has afforded consumers to be in more contact with producers, but how pervasive are these platforms? In an age of consumer technologies, producers are trying to play ‘catch up’ with these new tech-savvy audiences, and this usually results in pervasive attempts across all media. William Boddy’s article, “‘Is […]