To Regulate, or not to regulate

Information empires rise and fall in what seems like a continuous and never ending cycle, or so Tim Wu, author of The Master Switch, would argue. One truth of this cycle is that there is a constant battle between a desire by individuals or groups to regulate versus the want for an open, potentially “free,” […]

Virtual Playgrounds for the Self

What does it mean to be creative? Or, for that matter, to achieve literacy of any kind – or even to learn? Ken Robinson raises these questions, and more, in his TED talk on whether or not schools eradicate creativity as we grow older. He speaks about taking chances and being spontaneous as children, a […]

Embedded Learners

Amidst all the data, analyses, inferences, there are a few concepts which frequently appear: “embedded,” notions of literacy, and the discrepancies between graduates identities and perceived skill sets and those of employers. While studies such as “Digital technology and creative arts career patterns in the UK creative economy” and  “Creative work careers: pathways and portfolios […]