Bursting the Redbubble: Does the Creative Market Work?

Here I am, on another afternoon staring at my monitor as I type up this post. Wait, this sounds somewhat familiar. As I’m reading another of Andrew Ross’s books (In this case, it’s Nice Work If You Can Get It: Life and Labor in Precarious Times ) I come to the realization that this is […]

The Humane Workplace and Small Business (Or How My Father Made Life Easier For Himself)

While reading Andrew Ross’s No Collar – The Humane Workplace and Its Hidden Costs I of course was reminded of the various stories of big-name companies like Google, Facebook, and Pixar who take pride in trying to create a comfortable workplace for their workers. But as I read I began to connect what I was […]

The Bohemian, The Brooklynite, and the Blogger

While New York City is officially split into five boroughs, any good New Yorker knows the divide goes farther than the split between Queens and Brooklyn. Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Staten Island all make up a collective of over two-hundred different neighborhoods ranging from the financially sufficient neighborhoods like Sutton Place or Astoria […]

The Creative Class’s Role in Game Production (Or how a $80 Million sequel was beaten out by a $5000 kickstarted game)

I would go to say that video games are creative. Some of them, mind you, but not all. An Italian plumber riding on a dinosaur traveling through a kingdom to save a princess from a giant turtle is creative. An undead knight traversing the land to undo a curse is creative. A US Marine sent […]

The Americanization of the Super Robot

When reading Tanner Mirrlees’s Global Entertainment Media: Between Cultural Imperialism And Cultural Globalization, the passage that “entertainment media no longer only flows from the global North to global South and from West to East, but often from the South to the North and from the East to the West as well” (P. 48) caught me by […]

How the Blockbuster has shaped Media for the last Thirty years

In the summer of 1975, a little film by the name of Jaws hit the silver screen and became a sensation overnight. Steven Spielberg and other then-new directors like George Lucas and Ridley Scott were starting to make names for themselves with hits like Alien, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Star Wars. Lucas and  Spielberg […]

Risk-taking in the world of Animation and the fears of Development Hell

Hollywood does not like to take risks, I’m pretty sure we all know that. It’s why we’ve had four Transformers films and are reviving Star Wars films for the second time. Those with money want to play it safe, and those without are going to try to copy what is working in order for them […]