Ultimate Insiders: Supernatural, Fandom and Viewer Gratification

Through reading the many essays surrounding fans, fandom and Supernatural, I have come to realize just how large of a role the show has played in my own life. There was an Entertainment Weekly magazine released in 2005 that had a removable, interactive ad featuring the infamous Impala and revved up upon opening. At 12 […]

YouTube Poop: Participatory Culture without Rooted Fandoms

The more I read material on fandoms, the more I find myself trying to unpack some of the many culture creations that don’t particularly celebrate a fandom at all, but have created some kind of following of its own. In fact, there is a wide array of YouTube videos as participatory culture that derives off […]

Fangasm: Teen Wolf and Fan Ficition

Fandom communities in web 2.0 have afforded fans the capabilities to create websites fan fiction to expand the television or filmic text to include fan influence. The television series Supernatural is perhaps one of the few television series to have a large and interactive fandom community. Fan sites created for fan fictions and wiki entries […]

Charlie is a Hero: Making Room for Badass Girls on “Supernatural”

As a Supernatural convert, I’ve taken to the fandom like a fish to water. My interest in the show stems from a lifelong fascination with supernatural phenomenon and a general openness to believing in thing we can’t see.This interest is the groundwork or the platform that my piqued my interest, not to mention the two […]

Finding a “Space” for Fandom

Fandom exists all around us and can be found in many different forms of media. It is a feeling that everyone has or will experience in their life, whether it pertains to music, sports, TV shows & film, literature or even individual celebrities. Mark Duffett explains in Understanding Fandom An Introduction to the Study of […]

Supernatural, Subreddits, and Shippers

Internet intercommunication has been able to propel fan communities by allowing easily accessible and frequent communication. Before the internet, large fandoms engaged in dislocated contact through fan-zines and newsletters, but were only able to truly connect at conventions. Even then, if a fandom was too small there weren’t many physical public outfits for fans to express […]

The Supernatural Sex Appeal in Adolescent Queer Fandom

I know of the show Supernatural. I know about the hype surrounding the two main characters, played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. The show has created an army of lusty teenage girls and boys who have dedicated their time and social media presence/influence to glorifying the show’s hot protagonists. Some will describe them as the […]