The Brady Bunch: An Iconic Family But Not Royalty

“Here’s the story, of a lovely lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls…” Gosh, what a catchy song, a stuck in the head jingle, and it’s attached to a show that I still find myself enjoying even now. The television hit The Brady Bunch was a show that lasted for five seasons, still […]

Devil Wears Prada – The Creative World and a Damn Good Movie

You know that song Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall? You know, the one that starts out with the lyrics, “Her face is a map of the world/Is a map of the world/You can see she’s a beautiful girl/She’s a beautiful girl”? Well, whether you know the song or you don’t, whenever I hear this […]

The Perks of Neo-Bohemia

Yes, I know. Here I am, talking about music again. It’s almost impossible to believe that I once never talked about this thing called music. Like honestly, here I am with yet another blog chiming on and on about what seems like the same idea. But see, with my mind, that is constantly the problem. […]

Nashville – A City of “Outsider Artists”

In Richard LLoyd’s Neo-Bohemia Art and Commerce in Postindustrial City, the purpose of Wicker Park in Chicago is displayed as a site of economic interest as well as well a scared place of deindustrialization and population decline. The artist scene and arrival of the Urbus Orbis cafe “marked a new turn in the neighborhood’s identity, […]

“Far Away, But Virtually Near”

It’s hard to believe that there once was a time when just film, television, and radio were the sources uniting countries together. American films could dominate in another country, signifying that the trends popular in America were now being shared and introduced with an entirely different culture. For example, as Lane Crothers shares in his […]

Screenwriting – Just How Much Harder is it?

When I sat in the classroom of my high school on that last day of senior year, when all the seniors were asked that typical question of where they imagined themselves going, I answered my teachers with the same confident answer. My dream, my goal, and my idea was to be a screenwriter. Music had […]

Hollywood vs. the Nashville Music Scene

As seen in Hortense Powdermaker’s publication Hollywood the Dream Factory, the industry of writing in Hollywood can often fall into the pattern of a formula. There is the desire to create an entirely different story, and original, while at the same time not wanting to forget that maybe what you as a creator have in […]